Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Salons

Digital entries close at 1pm on SUNDAY before the meeting for handing in print entries, with the Spring Salon being an exception. For 2018 the dates are:

  • Summer Salon – Digital 2pm 25th February, Prints 26th February
  • Autumn Salon – Digital 2pm 22nd April, Prints 23rd April
  • Winter Salon – Digital 2pm 12th August, Prints 13th August
  • Spring Salon – Digital 2pm 16th September, Prints 24th September

These dates are also listed in the Events page.

Here are the KCPS Competition Rules (pdf file).

There are two entry submission forms for submitting to the Salons:

  1. Digital entry form – click here.
  2. Print entry form – click here.

These will enable you to directly upload your Digital Image entries, as well as digital versions of your Print Entries, and provide all details in relation to your salon entry.

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your entry. If you are submitting matted prints, please print out your email acknowledgement and include it in the envelope with your prints when you bring them to the meeting when they are due.

Nominated Subjects 2018

The list below has the set subjects for the Wellington Region Interclub Print Competition, to be held in August. If you wish to enter an image in any club salon that meets one of those subjects, whether print or digital, please add the subject in brackets after the main title. For example “Shadow Patterns (Abstract)” or “Caged Tiger (Zoo)”.

Any image identified that way will gain one extra point in the judging results for the year. This is to encourage you to try out subjects or viewpoints that may be new to you!

SubjectsA closer look at things; Curves; Flowing water (rivers and waterfalls); Frame within a frame; Hats; Minimal; On the move; Seen on the Street; Standing out; Waiting.

Wellington Interclub Print Battle

Use the following link to submit entries for the annual print battle with the rest of the Wellington region. The subjects are as described above in the Nominated Subjects section.

Best of Year Competition

To enter the “best of Year” competition – please use this form instead.

KCPS Calendar Images

To submit photos for consideration to be included in the next club calendar, please us this form:

Exhibition Submissions

To submit photos for consideration to be included in the KCPS exhibition in September 2018, please use this form: