Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Salons

Digital entries close at 2pm on SUNDAY before the meeting for handing in print entries. For 2023 the dates are:

  • Summer Salon – Digital 2pm 26th February, Prints 27th February
  • Autumn Salon – Digital 2pm 23rd April, Prints 24th April
  • Winter Salon – Digital 2pm 23rd July, Prints 24th July
  • Spring SalonDigital 2pm 24th September, Prints 25th September

These dates are also listed in the Events page.

Here are the KCPS Competition Rules (pdf file).

There are two entry submission forms for submitting to the Salons:

  1. Digital entry form – click here.
  2. Print entry form – click here.

These will enable you to directly upload your Digital Image entries, and provide all details in relation to your salon entry. Online registrations of your print entries is encouraged and preferred as it cuts down on administration overhead. The submission deadlines for online entries of both digitals and prints is the same. See the KCPS Competition Rules link above for more details.

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your entry.

Nominated Themes 2023

The themes for the 2023 Interclub Print Competition are:

  • Grunge*
  • From above
  • Iconic places of the Lower North Island*
  • Fear
  • Still Life
  • Celebration
  • In the style of Helmut Newton
  • Triptychs
  • Chaos 
  • Seeing red

*Clarification on these themes to be provided soon.

Trenna Packer 2023

Submissions for the Trenna Packer Salver Nature Photography Competition. Advice will be sent to members when the entry form is enabled.

Trenna Packer Entry Form

KCPS Exhibition 2024

Entries for this event will be invited closer to the time.

Details are included on the entry form here:

Exhibition Submission Form

Wellington Interclub Print Battle

The 2023 competition date TBA.

Wellington Interclub Entry Form

Best of Year Competition

To enter the “best of Year” competition – please use this form.

KCPS Calendar Submissions

Submissions will be made online, as for other club salons.

For full guidelines see this document.

To submit photos for consideration to be included in the next club calendar, please us the form below. Members will be notified when the form is enabled.

Calendar submission form

Bowron Landscape Trophy and Wiltshire Digital Image Cup

KCPS will be entering both these competitions in 2023. Please use the following links to submit images to to be considered for the club entry.

Wiltshire Digital Image Cup

Bowron Landscape Trophy

KCPS Holiday Images 2023

Use this form to enter images to be shown at our first meeting of the year on 13 February.

Holiday Image Entry Form