Useful Links The Photographic Society of New Zealand Reviews for various bits of photographic equipment Excellent site for various forms of photography Introduction to modern lighting tips and techniques Lots of great hints, tips and tutorials on photography (not just digital) Deciphering photo jargon f11 – a free New Zealand online photography magazine “for photographers and afficionados” List of Individual and Interclub Competitions and Salons under PSNZ auspices International Salons under FIAP patronage Up-to-date list of more than 150 photography competitions, with summarised information on any fees and conditions. It only lists competitions where the photographer retains copyright for their images.NOTE – these are not the equivalent of FIAP or PSNZ affiliated competitions, and gaining acceptances does not count for promotion in KCPS from intermediate to advanced.  Rather, these are the the kinds of competitions you might want to enter to win a prize or get some exposure for your images.  Quality varies! International Salons under FIAP patronage Lens-buying guide from Best Buy in the USA. You don’t need to shop there!

1 thought on “Links”

  1. Mathew Walsh said:

    Hey my name is Mat and I work for Greater Wellington Regional Council, I was wondering if anyone might be interested in coming along to a workshop we are running in one of our Regional Parks.

    Simon Woolf is running a course at half his normal price at Battle Hill Farm Forest Park – it’s a good opportunity to learn from a renowned photographer.

    Here is the link to the Facebook event:

    Let me know if you are interested at all – or 04 830 4041.



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