Success at Whanganui Open Salon

The Whanganui Camera Club have been celebrating their 125th anniversary this month. As part of the commemoration, the club re-instated their annual Open Salon – last held in 1992. The theme was “Humanity and Earth”, and was further subdivided into three salon categories, one of which was titled “Humanity and Nature” and was judged by Simon Woolf.

Roger Smith was judged winner in this category for his ‘Keep Vehicles Away from Nesting Birds’ image, and he and his wife Mavis attended the awards dinner where he was presented his winning certificate by Vonnie Cave, Whanganui’s oldest and most distinguished member.

Vonnie Cave and category winner Roger Smith

Vonnie Cave and category winner Roger Smith

Following closely on the heels of Roger, Jacky Challis received a Commendation for  ‘Plastic Scourge on Remote Arctic Island’.

'Plastic scourge on remote Arctic island'

‘Plastic scourge on remote Arctic island’ by Jacky Challis

Congratulations to you both.

KCPS Members Successful in Dunedin Festival Salon

Alison Viskovic

  • Open Print:  1 Honours, 2 Accepted;
  • Monochrome Print:  3 Accepted;
  • Open Projected Image:  2 Accepted;
  • Monochrome Projected Image: 1 Accepted

Jacky Challis

  • Monochrome Projected Image:  1 Honours, 1 Accepted
  • Open Projected Image: 1 Accepted

Rhonda Billington

  • Natural History Projected Image: 1 Honours, 1 Accepted;
  • Natural History Print: 1 Accepted

Best of Year Competition

Entries are now invited for your best images submitted in this year’s salons. Each member may submit one digital and one print image.

Prints can be handed in at the club meeting on 28th October. The entry form will remain open for digital entries until 5pm on 30th October.


KCPS wins third place in Regional Inter-Club Print Battle

A very successful and well attended evening hosted by KCPS on 23rd September saw the winner of a close-run race emerge only after the result of the very last subject was decided.

Many thanks to Warren Ixer for the challenging task of judging and ordering the images in each subject.

Congratulations go to Hutt Camera Club for a clean sweep – retaining the trophy on 28 points and also for winning the award for best abstract image.

A breakdown of the Print Battle scores in each subject for each club is shown below:

Subject: Hutt Kapiti KCPS Karori J’ville WPS
Just Being Kids 3 2 1 4 6 5
Light Effects 3 1 4 5 6 2
Nature’s Finest 2 1 5 4 3 6
Night in the City 6 5 3 2 1 4
A Matter of Perspective 1 4 3 5 2 6
Impressionist 2 6 4 3 5 1
An Unlikely Combination 2 1 3 4 5 6
Social Interaction 21st Century Style 3 1 2 4 6 5
Fast or Slow 1 5 4 3 2 6
*Quotation 5 3 1 2 4 6
TOTAL: 28 29 30 36 40 47
PLACING: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

*Full quotation:

Up is heaven, down is ocean
or more simply, sky and sea rivalling in welcome.”

Subject images entered by KCPS were:

JC - Print battle 2019 kids

Just Being Kids – Jacky Challis

CM Light Effects A matter of perspective

Light Effects – Carol Molineux

RB - New Zealand Dotterel

Nature’s Finest – Rhonda Billington

Trying to get home safely this winters night (night in the city)

Night in the City – Ian Yeoman


A Matter of Perspective – Roger Smith

EP Ghostly trees (Impressionist)

Impressionist – Eva Petro

Mixed Messages AV

An Unlikely Combination – Alison Viskovic

Focused on phones AV

Social Interaction 21st Century Style – Alison Viskovic

CM Fast or slow

Fast or Slow – Carol Molineux

Horizon Light

Quotation – Neil Gordon

Other images from the evening:

Winter 2019 Salon Results Gallery

The gallery of the Winter 2019 Salon entries that were awarded Highly Commended or Honours has been published. You can find the link to it here. Alternatively, select the Galleries menu from the top of the page and navigate to the page from there.

“Tongariro Dawn” – Honours, Intermediate Print – ©Greg Whitfield

KCPS Members’ Results from 2019 External Salons

It has been a fruitful year for KCPS members entering external non-club salons.

  • Twelve out of sixty seven KCPS members have had external acceptances or better this year so far.
  • Five members had an image in the PSNZ Four Nations set of 40.
  • Six members have an image in NZ Camera, to be published later this year.

The full list of salons and KCPS results to date is:

Autumn 2019 Salon Results Gallery

The gallery of the Autumn 2019 Salon entries that were awarded Highly Commended or Honours has been published. You can find the link to it here. Alternatively, select the Galleries menu from the top of the page and navigate to the page from there.

Sunset, Old Bagan

“Sunset, Old Bagan” – Highly Commended, Advanced Digital – ©Shona Jaray

Frank Hinchcliff Winner 2019

KCPS President Greg Whitfield (L) presenting the trophy to winner Roger Smith (R)

The annual KCPS Frank Hinchcliff Trophy has this year been won by Roger Smith for his print “Early Start Paekak”. In awarding the win on Monday 22nd July, judge Toya Heatley commented “I can almost smell the steam as it rises from the engine”.

Early Start Paekak

Runner up was “All Eyes on the Sunrise” by Greg Whitfield.

All Eyes on the Sunrise

Thanks to all who entered.

PSNZ 2019 Interclub Results

KCPS entries to the various 2019 PSNZ competitions did well again this year, with two 4th placings and a 10th.

The first of the 4ths was in the Bledisloe Cup, which is for a set of four diverse images all taken in New Zealand. Photos in this set were by Alison Viskovic, Jo Goudsblom, Neil Gordon, and Barry Culling.

KCPS Bledisloe Cup Set

Fourth place was also awarded in the George Chance Cup – a competition for sets of four landscape prints, one print per club member, to be submitted by member clubs of the PSNZ. Images for this set were created by Jacky Challis, Carol Molineux, Hugh Scott, and Greg Whitfield.

KCPS George Chance Cup Set

Finally we managed to get 10th place in the Wiltshire Memorial Cup. Submissions for this consist of a selection of four digital images, one image per club member, on any subject. These were taken by Susie Whelan, David Yockney, Hugh Scott, and Alison Viskovic.

KCPS Wiltshire Memorial Cup