Regional Print Battle – KCPS Win Second Place

The club had great success at this year’s Wellington Regional interclub print battle, hosted by Wellington Photographic Society on 23rd August. This competition is a friendly between all six photography clubs in the Wellington region.

Leading for most of the evening, KCPS were just pipped into second place right at the end by the Hutt club. The full results table is:

Subject Hutt KCPS KCC Karori WPS J’ville
Seen on the street 6 2 3 4 1 5
Hats 3 1 2 4 5 6
Flowing Water 1 6 4 5 2 3
Curves 5 1 6 2 4 3
A Closer Look at Things 1 3 5 6 4 2
Minimal 1 4 3 2 6 5
Standing Out 5 3 1 2 4 6
Frame within a Frame 2 3 5 1 6 4
On the Move 2 6 1 5 4 3
Waiting 2 1 3 4 5 6
Totals 28 30 33 35 41 43
Placing 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

The images entered by the club were:

Closer Look - Alison Viskovic

A Closer Look at Things – Alison Viskovic

AV Hats

Hats – Alison Viskovic

Flowing Water - Carol Molineux

Flowing Water – Carol Molineux

Minimal - Carol Molineux

Minimal – Carol Molineux

Waiting - Gavin Klee

Waiting – Gavin Klee

On The Move - Gavin Klee

On The Move – Gavin Klee

Seen on the Street - Neil Gordon

Seen on the Street – Neil Gordon

Frame within a Frame - Nicola McGinty

Frame within a Frame – Nicola McGinty

Standing Out - Roger Smith

Standing Out – Roger Smith

Curves - Susie Whelan

Curves – Susie Whelan


KCPS Exhibition

Dummy Exhib Flyer idea

KCPS is pleased to announce “Through the Photographer’s Eye” – an exhibition of images created by its members. Starting on Monday 17th September with a members and guests only opening evening, the exhibition is open to the public from 18th September to 5th October inclusive.

Venue is Paraparaumu Library in Iver Trask Place off Rimu Road. Opening hours are:

  • 9am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • 9am to 7-30pm, Thursday and Friday
  • 10am to 4pm, Saturday
  • 10am to 2pm, Sunday

Autumn 2018 Salon Results Gallery

The gallery of the Autumn 2018 Salon entries that were awarded Highly Commended or Honours has been published. You can find the link to it here. Alternatively, select the Galleries menu from the top of the page and navigate to the page from there.

“Graceful Skeleton (Minimal)” – Honours, Advanced Print – ©Alison Viskovic

PSNZ Canon National Exhibition Results

The results for the 2018 exhibition for KCPS club members who submitted images are:

Jacky Challis – Nature Projected one Gold (ie top image) and three Accepted; Open Projected two Accepted.
Carol Molineux – Nature Print two Accepted; Open Projected three Accepted; Nature Projected four Accepted
Neil Gordon – One Print One Honours; Open Digital Three Accepted
Rhonda Billington – Nature Projected one Accepted
Jo Goudsblom – Open Projected one Accepted
Caroline Ludford – Open Projected one Accepted
Alison Viskovic – Open Print one Accepted.
Carol Molineux also had her portfolio accepted by the honours board for APSNZ.

KCPS Wiltshire Memorial Cup Success

KCPS’s entry into this year’s PSNZ Wiltshire Cup earned 2nd place this year. Congratulations to Rachel Stevens, Susie Whelan, Shona Jaray and Jo Goudsblom.

The Wiltshire Cup is an annual competition awarded to the PSNZ club submitting the best selection of four digital images, one image per club member, on any subject.


1_Wiltshire_In my fathers eyes_KCPS

“In My Father’s Eyes” – Rachel Stevens

2_Wiltshire_Jamie and Rotor_KCPS

“Jamie and Rotor” – Susie Whelan

3_Wiltshire_Robin Rogerson_KCPS

“Robin Rogerson” – Shona Jaray

4_Wiltshire_I Met A Boy_KCPS

“I Met a Boy” – Jo Goudsblom

Summer 2018 Salon Results Gallery

The gallery of the Summer 2018 Salon entries that were awarded Highly Commended or Honours has been published. You can find the link to it here. Alternatively, select the Galleries menu from the top of the page and navigate to the page from there.


“Glow” – Honours, Intermediate Digital – ©Greg Whitfield

Open Evening – Monday 26th Feb



Kapiti Coast Photographic Society is pleased to announce an Open Evening on Monday 26th February at Otaihanga Boat Club.

Anyone interested in photography and seeing what the club gets up to is welcome to come along and meet current members. A barbecue, nibbles/snacks and soft drinks will be provided.

The evening starts at 7-30pm. Venue is Otaihanga Boating Club, 19 Makora Rd, Otaihanga.

We ask existing members to bring a plate of finger food to share, and BYO if you want wine of beerPlease also bring one favourite print each to have on display.

Spring 2017 Salon Results Gallery

A gallery of the Spring 2017 Salon entries that were awarded Highly Commended or Honours has been published. You can find the link to it here. Alternatively select the Galleries menu from the top of the page and navigate to the page from there.

“Catching dinner before the storm” – Honours, Intermediate Digital – ©Jacky Challis

News from Central Regional 2017

Stratford Camera Club hosted a very friendly convention over the weekend. A good mix of speakers and activities had been arranged, and the weather cooperated for the Saturday afternoon field trips. The food provided a sensible and tasty range to suit various tastes. Highlights for me were Kevin Bone on Friday evening, Tony Carter and Ron Willems on Sunday morning. The salon images were well displayed, both print and digital. The dinner entertainment made the most of local talent, and the committee and their helpers all made us feel very welcome – in all, a successful regional convention.

Here’s how well we did.

KCPS came 2nd in the print selection and 5th in the projected selection.

CR 2017 Prints

2nd Print Selection

CR 2017 digital

5th Projected Selection

The results are as follows, a huge congrats to Shona, Neil, Teresa, Carol & Rachel.


In My Fathers Eyes

‘In my Fathers Eyes’ Jocelyn Barrett Cup, Champion Open Digital – Rachel Stevens

Blue Ice.Carol Molineux.O.jpg

‘Blue Ice’ Very Highly Commended Open Print – Carol Molineux

Drosera stenopetala.Carol Molineux.N.jpg

‘Drosera stenopetala’ Merit Digital Nature – Carol Molineux

The old and the new.jpg

‘The Old and the New’ Very Highly Commended – Shona Jaray

Geometric.Neil Gordon.O

Very Highly Commended, Open Digital, “Geometric” – Neil Gordon

Milky Way and Meteor over Kapiti Island.Neil Gordon.N

Very Highly Commended, Nature Digital, “Milky Way and Meteor over Kapiti” – Neil Gordon

Milky Way over Kapiti.Neil Gordon.N

Merit, Nature Prints, “Milky Way over Kapiti” –  Neil Gordon

Sea Sculpture.Neil Gordon.O

Merit, Open Prints, “Sea Sculpture” – Neil Gordon

Bullers Albatross.Teresa Angell.N

“Bullers Albatross” Very Highly Commended – Teresa Angel

European Greenfinch.Teresa Angell.N

“European Greenfinch” Merit – Teresa Angel


This is what Teresa had to say about the field trip to Nigel Ogle’s Tawhiti Museum.

“An incredible display of handmade models depicting the history of the area. Nigel custom makes every tiny figure, animal, plant and equipment as well as the life size models. Extraordinary!!! Not easy to photograph glass displays but these might give an idea of how intricate the work is.”

And lastly a photo from the Shakespearean themed awards dinner.


A Night of Astrophotography with Mark Gee – TONIGHT!

The Cave

We are excitied to announce Astrophotographer Mark Gee is out guest speaker tonight, he is to talk about his stories behind “The Art of Night”

Mark Gee is an award winning photographer & visual effects artist based in Wellington, New Zealand – You can check out his work at

Everyone welcome.
Free for KCPS members, non members $10.
Seats are limited, non members please book here

See you all there.