There are four opportunities coming up very soon for you to show off your images.

1. KCPS Autumn Salon – 14 May

Entries are due in the usual way by Monday 14 May for our autumn salon, which will be judged on 28 May by Tony Whincup.  Please use the online system to provide your entry details and digital images, and bring prints along to the meeting on Monday evening.

2. Trenna Packer Nature Competition – 15 May

There’s only a few more days to submit your entries for consideration for this – they are due with us by 15 May.  Details are in this blog post. Please help out – we need a lot more to be able to do a club entry.

3. Laurie Thomas Landscape Competition – 18 May

The 16th Laurie Thomas Landscape Competition is accepting entries until 18 May. You can enter up to four digital images for the cost of $20, and it can all be done online.

4 North Shore Salon – 25 May

Entries are open until 25 May for the 2012 North Shore Salon of Photography. Check out the full details at their salon website.