Monday 2 July – Development Group

On Monday 2 July 7:30 pm the Development Group will meet, with the topic of restoring old photos.  Peter Ellis and Hugh Scott will be explaining some of the techniques.  Peter will have a scanner and laptop available, so feel free to bring along an old photo or two to see what can be done with it.  Below is an example of an image “before” and “after” (a work still in progress, says Peter)  to show the flavour of what can be done.

Daisy (before)

Daisy (after)

Wednesday 4 July – Foxton Print Battle

This will be a fun night, hosted by the Horowhenua Camera Club. It starts at 7 pm at the Salvation Army Hall, Avenue Road, Foxton.  We’ll be carpooling up – please meet at 6 pm at the small car park on the western side of Marae Lane, Waikanae.

The rules for the print battle are simple:

  • Each person to bring 4 printed images for the competition (choose a variety of subjects!)
  • People are placed randomly into teams, with up to 5 teams for the evening
  • 10-12 categories will be read out during the night
  • Each team chooses the image that best suits that category
  • Images will be awarded points from 1-5, with 5 being the best match for the category
  • Teams may accompany the image with an explanation/story as to why that image was chosen
  • Images can only be used once throughout the evening
  • Random points will be awarded throughout the evening for quiz questions, and at the judges’ discretion. Judges can be swayed with bribery.

Supper will be provided.
Please remember to bring your prints and your sense of humour.