Time to be getting on with your entry for the Audio-Visual Competition for the Jack Sprosen Memorial Trophy.

Entries are now being received for this year’s competition. Entry into this competition is open to all PSNZ members, and to members of clubs affiliated to PSNZ.

Entries close on Friday 16 November 2012. Judging is on 25 November 2012.  Winning entries will be shown at the PSNZ National Convention in early May 2013 in Wellington.

Lots more details are available on the PSNZ website, including helpful guidance and where to download entry forms from.

It’s always useful to have a look at some examples when thinking about putting together an AV, but they tend to be hard to find because of concerns over copyright issues, particularly of music.

Here’s a few online AVs I found that you may find useful to look at, which I found via the Wantage Camera Club site.  “Morning Has Broken” on Vimeo, “A Night at the Opera” on Youtube, and an AV from 2012 on Vimeo. Enjoy.