Summer Salon Gallery

The 19 images which were rated Highly Commended or Honours by Tony Whincup when he judged our Summer Salon on 25 March are now available. I’m sorry it’s taken so long – things have been rather busy with Natex.

Either go to the GALLERIES menu on our home page where from a drop-down you can access all galleries, or you can get to them directly here.  Enjoy.


Deciding on Natex Prints Layout

Deciding on Natex Prints Layout

Thanks once again to all those who have been helping with various tasks for Natex.  One of the recent jobs was to look at all the accepted prints in the Te Horo Hall, and decide on the exhibition layout.

The Exhibition will be mounted in the West Gallery of the Wellington Town Hall next Wednesday.

If you weren’t able to register for the PSNZ convention, you can still see the Exhibition.  Best times for public viewing are on Friday and Saturday 3 and 4 May, from 9 am to 5 pm.  Do check it out if you can.