Waikanae Estuary Project

At our next KCPS meeting – on Monday 14 October – we are fortunate to have two speakers to share their insights and knowledge on the Waikanae Scientific Reserve. With our club meeting rooms being located on the edge of the estuary, it has been an inspiration for many of the photographers in KCPS.

Mary McEwen, the daughter of Sir Charles Fleming (the founder of the Waikanae Scientific reserve) will speak first on the history of the estuary. This will be followed by Pat Menzies from Friends of the Waikanae Estuary, talking about current developments and conservation.

With this background knowledge, we hope members will be inspired to become involved in the KCPS Waikanae Estuary Project. This will result in images for an exhibition in the Paraparaumu Library Roderick & Gillian Deane Art Space Gallery, planned for 9 to 29 August 2014.

The objectives of the KCPS Waikanae Estuary Project are to:

  • Increase general public awareness of the Waikanae Scientific Reserve
  • Display members’ images
  • Promote KCPS to the community
  • Establish links with other community groups
  • Have group photographic activities for members

We are particularly interested in highlighting issues pertaining to the Estuary  – e.g., Pollution and Conservation.

Ideas for photographic guideline categories for the Exhibition are:

  • Landscape
  • Birds
  • Vegetation
  • Small creatures – insects, crustaceans, fish, etc.
  • People and activities
  • Conservation

We hope to see you all on Monday night.