Canon Online

7th Hooker Sea Lion  Gavin Klee resized

Hooker Sea Lion (c) Gavin Klee

Congratulations to Gavin Klee who made the top ten (really hard to do these days), with a 7th placing in the third round of Canon Online, with his image Hooker Sea Lion. See

Laurie Thomas Landscape

Here Comes the Sun (c) Rachel Stevens

Here Comes the Sun (c) Rachel Stevens

Congratulations as well to Rachel Stevens who gained honours in the Laurie Thomas Landscape Competition, with her image “Here Comes the Sun” from the recent KCPS field trip to Castlepoint.  See for the medals and honours winners.

Rachel had another image “Everything I Touch Turns to Gold” from Castlepoint accepted into the Laurie Thomas, as did Neil Gordon with “Kenepuru Sound”; Shona Jaray with “Sun Setting on the Hawkduns”; and Carol Molineux with three images “Incoming Tide”, “Tarn Reflection”, and “Volcanic Stream”.

 North Shore Salon

In the “‘scapes” Print Section, Neil Gordon had two acceptances for “Kenepuru Sound” and “Upper Antelope Canyon”, and Hugh Scott had an acceptance with “Ruahine Rainclouds”.  Hugh also had an acceptance for “Trapped” in the Digital Open Colour Section.  Full results are at