KCPS’s entry into this year’s PSNZ Wiltshire Cup earned 2nd place this year. Congratulations to Rachel Stevens, Susie Whelan, Shona Jaray and Jo Goudsblom.

The Wiltshire Cup is an annual competition awarded to the PSNZ club submitting the best selection of four digital images, one image per club member, on any subject.


1_Wiltshire_In my fathers eyes_KCPS

“In My Father’s Eyes” – Rachel Stevens

2_Wiltshire_Jamie and Rotor_KCPS

“Jamie and Rotor” – Susie Whelan

3_Wiltshire_Robin Rogerson_KCPS

“Robin Rogerson” – Shona Jaray

4_Wiltshire_I Met A Boy_KCPS

“I Met a Boy” – Jo Goudsblom