The next KCPS meeting will be a little bit different – this is an active evening for everyone!
We will start early at 7pm to have time outdoors before the light goes (sunset 7.50pm, it will be light for some time after that).
Bring a camera – any camera, a cellphone would do if you wish.
You will be put into small groups and each group will go out with a leader and a different challenge to photograph around the area nearby. We will then come back to the hall to discuss what you did and have club notices and tea/coffee as usual.
If the weather is bad, we will have a member exhibition instead.
There will be a follow-up activity at the meeting on 8 April, normal start time 7.30pm, when your group can look at and discuss some images you have processed, and show some to the rest of the groups.
This is going to be fun, a chance to share ideas and look for something new or different, and learn from each other along the way. It’s worth saying that this is a photographic challenge, not a competitive one – no prizes, just personal satisfaction!