KCPS club members achieved great success at the 2019 PSNZ Canon National Exhibition.

Alison Viskovic, Carol Molineux, Hugh Scott, Rhonda Billington, Teresa Angell, Neil Gordon, Caroline Ludford, Shona Jaray, Jacky Challis and David Yockney all had acceptances. In addition, Rhonda was awarded a Bronze Medal for her Grey Warbler image, and Carol got a Silver Medal for her Coprinellus disseminates.

Silver Medal Coprinellus disseminatus

“Coprinellus disseminatus” – Silver Medal. Nature Projected. ©Carol Molineux

Grey Warbler

“Grey Warbler” – Bronze Medal. Nature Print. ©Rhonda Billington

Congratulations to everyone.

Click on the gallery below to see their successful images. (Jacky’s images will follow in a few days, so be sure to check back here for updates).

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