Print Battle Trophy

The 2020 Wellington Regional Interclub was the victim of Covid-19 restrictions and postponed to March 2nd 2021. Hosted by Kapiti Camera Club (not to be confused with us, the Kapiti Coast Photographic Society) it very nearly became the victim of a further postponement when alert levels were raised again just a couple of days before the event. Fortunately they had a plan to limit numbers to eight per club, which allowed what is always an enjoyable, popular and competitive competition to go ahead.

The six clubs that make up the Wellington Region submitted a print in each of the ten categories chosen by the host club. The guest judge ranks them in order, with the ranking translating to points (1st equals 1 point, 2nd is 2 etc). The club with the fewest points at the end of the judging takes home the trophy.

In addition to the main trophy, a secondary competition for the best abstract image on the night was also up for grabs.

It is great to be able to report that KCPS made a clean sweep on the night, winning both the main trophy and the abstract prize with Jenny Setchell’s image Crazy Pipes for the Musical Image category wowing the judge. The scoreboard with all the placings is shown below:

The selection committee had a tough time selecting which images to choose to represent the club, but obviously did a fantastic job. The images and the categories they represent were: