The objective of the national PSNZ Trenna Packer Salver Competition is to illustrate the diversity of the natural world in New Zealand and its off shore islands, with images that are of a very high standard. There were sets entered from twenty once camera clubs across the country, and this year the winner of the competition was – us!

 Contributors to the winning set were:

  1. Anthornis melanura – Gavin Klee
  2. Geum uniflora – Carol Molineux
  3. Metrosideros umbellata – Carol Molineux
  4. Scutellinia colensoi – Rhonda Billington
  5. Stalactite Patuna Chasm – Neil Gordon
  6. Female Ischnura aurora – Rhonda Billington

And special congratulations to Rhonda and Gavin who  were awarded honours for their images. A great result all round for the club.

This is what the judge, Bob McCree FPSNZ had to say about the Kapiti Coast Photogrphic Society’s entry:

An excellent, diverse and consistent set of natural history images. This is certainly one of the best sets here with each image nicely notated with the Latin names for the species. The set is well book ended by two very strong images nicely positioned – the first looking into the set at the start, and the sixth looking back into the set at the end. There is a very pleasing tonal flow and mixture of images here. The consistent high quality of each individual image together with their placement within the set and the overall high quality of the set’s presentation, all adds up to a very pleasing set to view.