Recent KCPS activities and achievements include entries in three PSNZ inter club competitions and the awarding of PSNZ honours.

KCPS was awarded second place in the Bowron Landscape competition with images from Greg Whitfield, Jacky Challis, Shona Jaray and Graham Lonsdale. Many thanks to Jacky Challis and Kelly Munro for contributions to the selection process.

This year thanks go to Eva Petro, Caroline Ludford and Ian Yeoman for compiling our entry to the Wiltshire Digital Image Cup. Images provided by Eva, Greg, Ian and Jenny Setchell.

Having won the Trenna Packer last year, and despite a very strong entry comprising images from Carol Molineux, Gavin Klee, Rhonda Billington and Jim Embury, KCPS didn’t make it into the top three. Thanks to Carol, Gavin and Rhonda for putting together the club entry:

Finally, warm congratulations to Ian Yeoman on achieving LPSNZ honours this year.