You can subscribe to the KCPS calendar of events in your own system. The “ics” public web address of the calendar is:

For an iPhone or an iPad you can subscribe to this calendar via:

  • Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account … > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar >
  • Then type or copy/paste in the above web address as the Server name.

For iCal on a Mac running OSX, you can subscribe to the calendar via:

  • Menu Item Calendar > Subscribe
  • Then type or copy/paste in the above web address

For Outlook 2007 on a Windows PC, follow the procedure here .

  • Update 28 August …. it may be just as simple as downloading the file “basic.ics” from the link above, and then double clicking it.  See if that works.

For Google Calendar, follow the procedure here

  • You can also add individual events from the calendar when you click on them, but be aware that they may not update if there are later changes.


Please let us know in the comments if you wish to use other means of subscribing to this calendar, especially if you can tell us how to do it. ☺