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The committee recently had a very good discussion about how best to keep our members informed about KCPS activities – both what has been happening, and what is coming next.

We decided that in today’s mostly online world, we could do better in providing news and information through a blog like this rather than an occasional large newsletter.  We may still do a newsletter from time to time – for instance after each of our quarterly salons.  But most communication will be via this blog.


You can easily subscribe to receive email notification of posts using the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION section in the sidebar. If you like to use something like Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds, then make use of the Entries RSS link and Comments RSS link, also given in the sidebar.


Our committee plans out a programme of meetings each year, based around the normal meeting times of the second and fourth Tuesdays from February through to November.  There are also other meetings such as those of the post-processing and monochrome groups.

Often the exact details of what will be happening are sketchy at first, but become clearer as each meeting gets closer.  Until now, we have dealt with this by updating a pdf of the programme and uploading the updated programme to our website from time to time. But the programme is rarely completely up to date.

From now we will do this differently.  We have set up a Google Calendar especially for KCPS activities as well as other events you may want to know about, such as PSNZ regional and national conventions.

The calendar is immediately available:

  • By clicking in the EVENTS menu item at the top of this blog
  • By checking the very first blog post in which the calendar is embedded
  • By clicking here
You can also subscribe to the calendar, so it is always available in whatever calendaring system you use.  Details are given in this blog post.


The advantage of using the WordPress platform for this blog is that it is already set up to allow for moderated comments giving feedback and discussion on any entry.  Please make use of this for constructive feedback.  But also be aware that this blog is entirely public and open for anyone to view, so do please respect the privacy of individuals and the reputation of our society. The moderators of the blog comments will also use their discretion when reviewing what has been submitted.

You can also email me directly if you wish, or any of our contacts.


We are aware that there are several KCPS members without email addresses, or who may rarely go online.  Currently, they are kept up to date through mailed hard copies of the newsletter issued every month or two. It may be that we can provide an occasional compilation of printed blog posts to make up for a less regular printed newsletter for them.  Ideas on what to do about this issue are welcome.


All on the committee trust you will welcome this new way of keeping you informed and up to date. I’m excited about it, and hope you are too.

Best wishes … Neil Gordon, President KCPS