Winter Salon Results

Many thanks to Lance Lawson, NZIPP, who judged the Winter Salon at our meeting on Tuesday 23 August 2011.  Lance is a commercial photographer in Wellington and we are grateful for the time he put in to considering the large number of entries, and for the insightful feedback he provided on the images at our meeting.

The competition recognised 10 Honours (Hon), 10 Highly Commended (HC), 21 Merit (M), and 13 Acceptance (A) awards.  Well done to everyone who entered the competition, and congratulations to all those who achieved awards.

Advanced Colour Print

Harbour Sunbeams Hon Peter Beddek
Sparsely Populated Hon Shona Jaray
Catching the Light Hon Shona Jaray
Pastoral Panel Hon Hugh Scott
Incoming Hon Neil Gordon
Tree Lane Hon Peter Beddek
The Red Centre M Hugh Scott
Afternoon Shadows M Michael Anderson
Oioi Saltmarsh A Michael Anderson
Wade Bridge A Neil Gordon
Bromeliad A Kāryn Crocker

"Harbour Sunbeams", Hon, Advanced Colour Print, (c) Peter Beddek

Advanced Monochrome Print

Kirk Michael Hon Neil Gordon
Floors Castle HC Hugh Scott
Lockups HC Peter Beddek
Horse Manure M Peter Beddek
Keeping in Touch M Shona Jaray
How to Fill My Day? M Shona Jaray
Soaring M Neil Gordon
Hayfield Vista A Hugh Scott


"Kirk Michael", Hon, Advanced Monochrome Print, (c) Neil Gordon

Intermediate Colour Print

Blue, Green and a Wharf Hon Katie Beddek
Repetition Hon Bernie Fraser
Searching for the Stars HC Brian Gray
Incoming Tide M Carol Molineux
Torn Ridge M Carol Molineux
Lake Rotoiti, South Island A Katie Beddek
Thoughtful A Bernie Fraser
Blue, Green and a Wharf

"Blue, Green and a Wharf", Hon, Intermediate Colour Print, (c) Katie Beddek

Intermediate Monochrome Print

Arranged HC Carol Molineux
Thank God Its Friday HC Katie Beddek
Abstracted Points M Katie Beddek
Bottled Light M Carol Molineux
Sheer Bliss M Brian Gray

"Arranged", HC, Intermediate Monochrome Print, (c) Carol Molineux

Advanced Projected Images

Coalpit Dam Hon Shona Jaray
St. Bathans HC Shona Jaray
Evening Storm Approaching HC Hugh Scott
The Home Meadow M Hugh Scott
Kodak Moment M Peter Beddek
A Window or Two M Peter Beddek
Balloon Prep A Scott Stevenson
Greenie A Scott Stevenson
Skyline A Neil Gordon
Evening Stroll A Neil Gordon
Gordonia Flower A Kāryn Crocker
Coalpit Dam

"Coalpit Dam", Hon, Advanced Projected Image, (c) Shona Jaray

Intermediate Projected Images

Titahi Bay Surf HC Colin McKenzie
On Track HC Colin McKenzie
A Night at the Opera HC Stephen Massey
Untitled-1 M Stephen Massey
Winter’s Carpet M Carol Molineux
Rising Mist M Carol Molineux
Beach Party M Brian Gray
Fading Light M Peter Knapp
Thistle Time M Peter Knapp
Out of Service M Katie Beddek
Bubble Bubble A Katie Beddek
Me and My Friend A Brian Gray
Titahi Bay Surf

"Titahi Bay Surf", HC, Intermediate Projected Image, (c) Colin McKenzie