Sincere thanks to Tracey Robinson MNZIPP, FPSNZ, Dip FA from Rotorua who kindly stepped in at the last minute to judge this salon.  Around 30 members were present at last evening’s meeting to hear Tracey’s emailed comments and ratings on the images in the salon.

The competition recognised 10 Honours (Hon), 13 Highly Commended (HC), 19 Merit (M), and 12 Acceptance (A) awards.  Well done to everyone who entered the competition, and congratulations to all those who achieved awards.

Special congratulations go to new member Michelle Tingey, who did very well in her first salon.

Below are the results.  A slideshow and gallery of all the images that rated as Honours or Highly Commended is also now available.

Novice Prints
Kiwi Spotting at St Arnaud Hon Michelle Tingey
Sasha HC Helen Moore
Shopper’s Therapy M Rod Carter
Tranquility Before the Storm M Helen Moore
Water Boat Men M Michelle Tingey
Sydney Street Scene A Rod Carter

"Kiwi Spotting at St Arnaud" - Honours, Novice Colour Print - ©Michelle Tingey

Novice Projected Images
Rosettes Hon Michelle Tingey
King of Leura HC Michelle Tingey

"Rosettes" - - Honours, Novice Projected Image - ©Michelle Tingey

Intermediate Monochrome Prints
Weathering the Storm Hon Carol Molineux
Was That You? HC Stephen Massey
Plugged In M Carol Molineux
Untitled A Stephen Massey

"Weathering the Storm" - Honours, Intermediate Monochrome Print - ©Carol Molineux

Intermediate Colour Prints
Longing HC Stephen Massey
3 am M Stephen Massey
Faith Gate M Bernie Fraser
Mystic Backwaters M Carol Molineux
Young Carpet Weaver M Bernie Fraser
Drowned Forest A Carol Molineux

"Longing"- Highly Commended, Intermediate Colour Print - ©Stephen Massey

Intermediate Projected Images
45 Hon Murray Woolcock
Ripples HC Carol Molineux
Walking the Wire HC Carol Molineux
Gull M Murray Woolcock
Objectify M Stephen Massey
Pink A Stephen Massey

"45" - Honours, Intermediate Projected Image - ©Murray Woolcock

Advanced Monochrome Prints
Sky Light Hon Neil Gordon
Wellington Library Pool Hon Ian Linning
Ornamental Fish in the Sun HC Peter Beddek
Rock Patterns HC Shona Jaray
The Long and Winding Road HC Neil Gordon
Osborne House Impression M Hugh Scott
Reaching Up M Shona Jaray
Wheels M Karyn Crocker
Buddha Head A Michael Anderson
Saddle Sore A Ian Linning
Sparkling Fountain A Peter Beddek
The Beach Sentinel A Karyn Crocker

"Sky Light" - Honours, Advanced Monochrome Print - ©Neil Gordon

"Wellington Library Pool" - Honours, Advanced Monochrome Print - ©Ian Linning

Advanced Colour Prints
From a Fantasy Forest Hon Hugh Scott
Gentle Arches Hon Shona Jaray
Go Forth and Drill Hon Neil Gordon
Highland Cows Shivering in the Snow HC Peter Beddek
Orkney Vista HC Neil Gordon
Strolling to Hardwick Hall HC Hugh Scott
Sun on Freesia M Peter Beddek
The Struggle to Survive M Shona Jaray
Ball and Chain A Karyn Crocker
Columns at Night A Michael Anderson
Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II A Michael Anderson

"From a Fantasy Forest" - Honours, Advanced Colour Print - ©Hugh Scott

"Gentle Arches" - Honours, Advanced Colour Print - ©Shona Jaray

"Go Forth and Drill" - Honours, Advanced Colour Print - ©Neil Gordon

Advanced Projected Images
Angry Skies Hon Neil Gordon
Hills Creek Farm HC Shona Jaray
Crop and Cloud M Hugh Scott
Spiral M Neil Gordon
St Bathan’s Tree M Shona Jaray
The World of Balliol M Hugh Scott
Green, White and Blue A Peter Beddek

"Angry Skies" - Honours, Advanced Projected Image - ©Neil Gordon