Development Group 2 April

For this next meeting at 7:30 pm, the plan is for a kind of “show and tell” on audiovisuals (AVs).  Those (who wish to) should prepare an AV of up to two minutes, with up to 30 images. Don’t forget the rule of thumb that each image should be displayed for no longer than around 4 seconds. Each AV will be shown, and then the author will explain how they did it. Check the post about the first Development Group meeting for further information.

Critique Session 9 April

Yes, we know this is Easter Monday and some people will be away. For those who aren’t, come on down to the Otaihanga Boating Club for a critique session on the first five themes for the annual Wellington Interclub Print Battle. That event is still many months away (23 August) so we won’t be selecting prints to use, just using these as themes for our own critique session.  They are:

  • Panning
  • Music
  • Urban
  • Animals
  • Time

For those who haven’t been to a critique session before – members can each bring along a half dozen or so large or matted prints (no 6 by 4 inch prints please) and digital images (on a thumb drive).  These are shown for everyone to have a look at, and comment, and discuss, and provide suggestions for improvement. It’s a sort of facilitated joint judging session where everyone gets to share and learn, and more informal than our regular judged salons.

So do spend the next week or so, and the Easter break,  having a look through your images for ones which would fit those five themes, and bring some along to share and learn.