Picture of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of ..

We had an excellent turnout of 15 people for the first meeting of the year.  Since it was such a lovely evening, we took photos out on the balcony and down by the river first, and then went inside for Murray’s informative presentation about the basics of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and exposure adjustment.  A lively discussion followed, which moved into the subject of audiovisuals.

Next Session – Audiovisuals

The plan for the next session (Monday 2 April) is for a kind of “show and tell” on audiovisuals.  Those (who wish to) should prepare an AV of up to two minutes, with up to 30 images. Don’t forget the rule of thumb that each image should be displayed for no longer than around 4 seconds. Each AV will be shown, and then the author will explain how they did it.

For those on Windows who don’t already have some kind of Audiovisual programme, Windows Live Moviemaker from Microsoft looks quite good, and is a free download.  You need to be on either Windows Vista or Windows 7 for this, though.

If you are on Windows XP then something different called Windows Movie Maker should already be installed in your system if you have updated to Windows XP Service Pack 2, and is worth a try.

Feel free to add comments below if there is other software you prefer to use to make AVs – free or otherwise. As a Mac person I use and like Fotomagico, but there are many different packages available.