Some of the attendees trying out and discussing various lighting gear for portraits

Around 14 of us had a great workshop last evening. Unfortunately Colin wasn’t well enough to be there, but the workshop was well led by Ian and Hugh, assisted by notes from Colin. It was very hands-on, as the photo shows – with lots of trials of lighting techniques and use of fancy gear such as wireless flash triggering.

A homework “Challenge” was set for those who were there – and others are of course welcome to join in:   Make an Environmental Portrait where the photographer is in control of posing the subject, and telling a story about the person.  This could be someone proud of their garden gnome, someone reading a story to a child, etc. If you can, do this with someone you don’t already know – ask if you can take their photo for a KCPS project.


These are due by next Monday 13 August.  Please use the online entry system, and bring along any prints to the meeting that evening, together with a printout of your online entry form from the response email.