What is DxOMark, and why should you care?DxOMark

DxO Labs make software called DxO Optics Pro, which does a very good job of post-processing images, based on a very large database that they have developed from analysing the performance of camera sensors and lenses.

That database turns out to be useful in its own right. Amongst other things, it lets them give a score for how good a camera sensor is. Although that’s only one part of what contributes to “Image Quality” (IQ) for a camera system, it’s an important part.

So it’s worth checking out the DxOMark Camera Sensor ratings if you you are interested in a new camera body, or one of the new mirrorless “compact system cameras” that are increasingly popular. It’s very interesting, also, to see how some of the major makes such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm compare. (Spoiler alert – Canon needs to pick up its game.)

To find out all you need to know about DxOMark Camera Sensor, and more, I highly recommend this recent article on The Luminous Landscape.