Happy Birthday Peg

A very happy birthday to our oldest member – Peg Griffin, who is now 109!

There was a very nice story on her in the Dominion Post.

Upcoming Events

Some changes have been made to the website to make it clearer what events are coming up.  If you look in the left-hand sidebar of http://kcps.org.nz you’ll see details for the next five events.  If you click on EVENTS in the top menu, you’ll see an embedded calendar with the current month (which is very configruable to show other months, etc.) as well as a full list of upcoming events beneath it.

These events change from time to time, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for any changes.  You can also subscribe to the calendar of upcoming events using the instructions that were posted when it was originally set up. Then your own calendar system will always be up to date.

Speaking of upcoming events ….

Meeting Monday 27 May

The next event is, of course, the meeting on Monday 27 May when our regular judge Bruce Girdwood will be judging our Autumn Salon. We’ll also be showing a short AV with photos provided by many of those who went on the field trip to Ohakune last weekend. We had a blast, and made some great images, as you will see.

No Development Group Meeting 3 June

Because it is Queen’s Birthday, there won’t be a Development Group meeting. So you’ll have more time to get organised to bring along prints and images for the following week …

Competition Selection Night – Monday 10 June

Our main task will be to select ten prints for the Wellington Interclub Print Battle. Our club will be hosting it at the Otaihanga Boating Club on Monday 5 August (in lieu of a Development Group meeting), so it’s important we do well! The ten topics are:

  1. Beams
  2. Contained
  3. Eggs
  4. Eye
  5. Feathered
  6. Movement
  7. Mysterious
  8. Skin
  9. Reaching
  10. Terraced

You’ll need to bring along prints that could be suitable.  They need not be matted at this stage, but should be large enough to have a good look at (at least around A4 – not 4 by 6).  We’ll use the whole club to review and select the best print for each topic in turn.

On that night we’d also like to review digital images and prints and digital images that could be entered as part of two club sets for the Bowron and Chance interclub landscape competitions. We need four images for each set.  Again, prints need not have been matted just yet.  It’s proposed that we try to build sets around a “Kapiti Coast” theme so that each Kapiti Island does appear in each image, so you still have time to make some on that theme if you haven’t already.