Wellington Interclub Print Battle

We had another good attendance of some 40 people for the Competition Selection last Monday.  A very democratic, and fun, process was used to selected which print would go forward from KCPS for each of the ten categories for the Wellington Interclub Print Battle that we’ll be hosting on Monday 5 August.  There’s a good spread of representation too, with those ten images coming from seven of our members.

Inspecting the prints, pink sticky in hand ready to cast a vote

Just some of the group, circling and inspecting the prints, pink sticky in hand ready to cast a vote

Chance and Bowron

We really only started the process of selecting images to compile KCPS sets of four images each for the Chance print and Bowron digital interclub landscape competitions.  The plan is to base each set around images which include Kapiti Island oen way or another.

Please email digital versions of images you’d like considered, by 10 July, to me at neil.d.gordon@gmail.com.

Trenna Packer

A group convened by Carol Molineux selected the set of six digital images we have now submitted to the Trenna Packer Nature Competition. I think it’s a good set –  let’s hope the judges do too!