Some interesting news items today that may be of interest to KCPS members.

Sony Clipon Cameras for Mobile Photography

Image courtesy of dpreview

Just after the meeting on Smartphone Photography rumours appeared of some new Sony “clip on” cameras, that use a mobile phone for control and display.

They have now been announced – the Sony QX10 and the Sony QX100.

DPReview’s take is worth a read, and particularly their in-depth look at the QX100. This is US$500 and uses the same sensor as the Sony RX-100II. However it only produces jpegs, and has no manual control, so seems a bit hobbled. The RX-100II – which is priced around US$750 – can connect to a mobile with wifi or NFC and transfer images, and is actually smaller, and does do RAW and manual controls.

So these are very interesting and innovative new products from Sony, but whether they will do well is another question.

Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud

Controversially, Adobe recently moved to a regular subscription for their Creative Cloud Suite. This was quite expensive if all you wanted was Photoshop CC. They have just announced a new, special deal, just for photographers which sounds, on the face of it, quite attractive; especially for those who have yet to update to Lightroom 5.

It will be US$10 a month (annual commitment) for both Lightroom 5.2 (when it’s out soon) and Photoshop CC, plus some other benefits.  You have to have a licence already for Photoshop CS3 or later. See the link for more details.

I haven’t seen pricing for New Zealand (in Australian $ usually) – hopefully that would be around AU$10 a month too.