photoshop_4xThis is just to make KCPS members aware of a limited time offer by Adobe that may be of interest.  I mentioned in a blog post back in September that Adobe had introduced a new, lower price option for USD9.99 a month (on an annual plan) oriented just to photographers.  It includes licensing (and updates and upgrades) for Photoshop CC and Lightroom (5 at the moment).  That offer was later made available in Australia/NZ for AUD9.99 per month. But – you needed to already have a licence for an earlier version of Photoshop (CS3 or later). That particular offer closes at the end of December.

Adobe have just announced a special version of this offer – only until 2 December – where you don’t need to have a licence for an earlier version of Photoshop.  Check out the details of the Photoshop Photography Program here.

This plan would cost AUD120 per annum. For comparison, Lightroom 5 alone is (list price) AUD186 if you don’t have a previous version, or AUD99 for an upgrade. It is of course up to each individual to decide whether to go for Adobe’s Creative Cloud licensing system, rather than owning the software (a “perpetual licence”). At least you know the option is there …