Our guest speaker at the KCPS Meeting on Monday 23 June is Richard Young. Richard’s talk is entitled “African Wildlife and Landscape Photography”. You can see some of his work on his website, and we understand he will be bringing along some of his prints to share.

If you’re interested in Nature and Landscape work this will be well worth making the time to attend.

Frank Hinchcliff Competition Coming Up

The annual Frank Hinchcliff competition is in honour of one of the founders and first President of the Waikanae Camera Club, the forerunner to our Kapiti Coast Photographic Society. The July 2009 KCPS newsletter included an article on Frank Hinchcliff written by Hugh Scott, which is also available as a one-pager and well worth a read.

The rules for the Frank Hinchcliff competition are simple (and available as part of our overall competition rules via https://kcps.org.nz/membership/ as a pdf)”

“For the Frank Hinchcliff competition in June or July a member can submit one or two Prints. As with the Salons, there is no set theme. The entries must not have been submitted to a previous KCPS Salon or Frank Hinchcliff competition. The images must also have been captured within the last two years.”

To enter – just bring your one or two matted prints along in an envelope, together with a sheet of paper giving your name and the titles, to the KCPS meeting on Monday 14 July.  The competition will be judged by Bruce Girdwood on Monday 28 July.