Selecting the Triptych Print

Selecting the Triptych Print

The dismal weather meant attendance was down a bit last evening for our competition selection for the Wellington Interclub to be held at the end of August.  Full details of this year’s competition are at

We did manage to select five prints for the subjects of panorama, abstract, triptych, portrait and monochromatic. .

However, we need more entries for the five very general digital image categories of emotion, natural, active, fluid and situation. We’ll need to take along up to twenty (20) images for each of those categories, so that we can choose the best match on the night when the exact topic for each category is announced.

Please email Ian Linning any additional digital images you want to be considered – specifying what category they apply to. Images should be max of 1920 pixels wide, max of 1080 pixels high, sRGB space. We’d like them by the end of this coming weekend please (18 June). Thanks.