Not only did all those who went to the PSNZ Central Regional Convention in Silverstream have a wonderful time, but I came home with my car loaded up with three trophies for KCPS and its members.  I’ll bring them along to the AGM tomorrow night.

  1. KCPS came first in the Interclub Digital Competition, winning the Wanganui Cup.
  2. Alison Viskovic’s image “Communication” in our digital set won “Champion Interclub Digital Image”, so she was awarded the Heney Cup.
  3. KCPS came third in the Interclub Prints Competition. My print “Upper Antelope Canyon” in our KCPS set won “Champion Interclub Print”, so I was awarded the Stratford Cup.

    NeilGordon_141108_Wanganui Cup

    PSNZ President Murry Cave presenting Neil Gordon with the Wanganui Cup won by KCPS.

For the record – both digital and print sets are below.  Congratulations to all KCPS members whose images were included.

This is the KCPS set of digital images that came first in the Interclub Digital Competition.

"Communication" - Highly Commended, Advanced Digital Image - ©Alison Viskovic

“Communication” –  ©Alison Viskovic FPSNZ – Winner of the Heney Cup

"Anzac Day Otaki Cemetery" - Highly Commended, Intermediate Digital Image - ©Colin McKenzie

“Anzac Day Otaki Cemetery” –  ©Colin McKenzie

"Battery Cage" - Honours, Advanced Digital Image - ©Gavin Klee

“Battery Cage” –  ©Gavin Klee

"Boy" - Honours, Intermediate Digital Image - ©Johanna Goudsblom

“Boy” –  ©Johanna Goudsblom

"Camping at Hunt's Mesa" - Honours, Advanced Digital Image - ©Neil Gordon

“Camping at Hunt’s Mesa” –  ©Neil Gordon LPSNZ

"Ella Chapelle" - Honours, Intermediate Digital Image - ©Rachel Stevens

“Ella Chapelle” – ©Rachel Stevens

"P-51D Mustang" - Honours, Intermediate Digital Image - ©Barry Culling

“P-51D Mustang” – ©Barry Culling

"Volcanic stream" - Highly Commended, Advanced Digital Image - ©Carol Molineux

“Volcanic stream” –  ©Carol Molineux

And here is the set of prints that came third in the Interclub Print Competition:

"Upper Antelope Canyon" - Highly Commended, Advanced Print - ©Neil Gordon

“Upper Antelope Canyon” – ©Neil Gordon LPSNZ – Winner of the Stratford Cup

"Among the Tall Timber" - Highly Commended, Advanced Print - ©Hugh Scott

“Among the Tall Trees” – ©Hugh Scott

"Autumn Leaves" - Honours, Advanced Print - ©Alison Viskovic

“Autumn Leaves” – ©Alison Viskovic FPSNZ

"Leaf Skeleton and Shadow" - Honours, Advanced Print - ©Shona Jaray

“Leaf Skeleton and Shadow” – ©Shona Jaray APSNZ

"Stormy Monday" - Honours, Advanced Digital Image - ©Gavin Klee

“Stormy Monday” – ©Gavin Klee

"Watching" - Honours, Advanced Print - ©Carol Molineux

“Watching” – ©Carol Molineux