Dev Session 2Mar2015

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I was sorry I had to miss the first session, which by all accounts was a great night.

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Alison Viskovic reports: “21 people attended the first Development Session for the year, for novice and intermediate members of the club. Several more advanced members (Hugh, Gavin, Carol and I) were also there to offer help and ideas.

The evening started with a general round to find out what cameras people had and what sorts of things they wanted to know or to be able to do.

Then we divided into two groups, one for Canon users, one for Nikon and “others” (e.g., Fujifilm, Panasonic). In those groups various things were discussed or demonstrated, some to the whole group, some in pairs and subgroups.

We will follow up by finding mentors for those people who want someone to help them between meetings, and with a questionnaire to all members about their needs and interests for planning future Development Sessions.”