Rob Suisted bio pic Antarctica

We are very proud to announce our guest speaker for our meeting on the 27th June will be renowned wellington photographer and iris award winner Rob Suisted.

He will be giving a talk about his award winning book Molesworth Station, which will be on sale after the meeting for a special discounted price of $50.

Wilderness drove Rob Suisted’s passion to craft a lifestyle from wild places. Rob has visited much of NZ’s wilderness, Antarctica (18 times so far), Sub-Antarctic, the high Arctic and many spots in between.

Sharing this love through photography and guiding, Rob has photos on over 30 postage stamps, our new bank notes, hundreds of calendars, books, magazines, and murals all over the world.

Rob’s photographed 16 books so far, his last ‘Molesworth’ won a prestigious NZ book award. He’s just had the honour of filming Country Calendar’s 50th anniversary book (due September). He shoots for the likes of NZ Geographic and Tourism NZ.

Giving back to conservation is important, through photos and lectures, but also investing profits into forest restoration.

Previously Rob was the NZ National Marine Mammal Advisor & NZ Sea lion recovery group leader; working on issues of bykill, species recovery, tourism and strandings management.

See Rob’s work at: |