The annual end of year awards dinner was held on 18th November at a new venue for us the Lloyd Parker Plateau Centre in Parkwood Village. This marked the last formal event of the KCPS calendar. 2019 president Greg Whitfield presented the main club awards, with guest Bruce Girdwood judging and awarding the Best of Year trophies.

The club awards are taken by totalling the scores across all four seasonal salons, with bonus points being added for images that match the subjects for the Regional Interclub Print competition.

Moira O’Malley, who was last year’s runner up for the Novice Grade combined print and digital award went one better this year by taking the win, just ahead of Warren Sutton.

Novice Winner Moira O’Malley

The Intermediate Grade Digital winner was Graham Lonsdale, with Isobelle Gosling runner up.

Intermediate Digital winner Graham Lonsdale

Greg Whitfield took out the Intermediate Grade Print award, ahead of Di Daniels.

Intermediate Print winner Greg Whitfield, presented by treasurer Sharon

In the Advanced Grade Digital, Gavin Klee won with Roger Smith runner up.

Advanced Digital winner Gavin Klee

Winner of the Advanced Grade Print was Hugh Scott. Barry Culling was runner up. Unfortunately Hugh could not be with us at the dinner hence no cheesy photo.

The major trophies for overall best print and best digital of the year were judged and awarded by Bruce Girdwood.

Barry Culling won the Peg Griffin Trophy for Best of Year Print for his Water Lily with Frog. Alison Viskovic was placed second for Isolation.

BoY Print Winner Barry Culling

“Water lily with Frog” – Honours, Advanced Print – ©Barry Culling

“Isolation” – Honours, Advanced Print – ©Alison Viskovic

The Waikanae Cup for Best of Year Digital was won by Roger Smith for Angry Bird. This rounded off a successful year for Roger Smith who earlier in the calendar won the 2019 Frank Hinchcliff Trophy. Carol Molineux was runner up for her Tararua Clearance.

“Angry Bird(nature)” – Honours, Advanced Digital – ©Roger Smith

“Tararua Clearance” – Advanced Print – ©Carol Molineux

Roger and Barry had a good year between them, with a number of awards and trophies.

Trophies galore!