We had another successful session, with a lucky thirteen members along.  Much of the evening was spent discussing how best to create good images.

This can start with something that catches your eye, but then making a good image out of it means capturing and conveying what you found attractive about it to start with.  This should be photographed clearly, without distracting or cluttered backgrounds.

A good  image will be:

  • meaningful and tell some kind of story
  • well composed
  • good technically (e.g., without blown highlights or poor focus)

In terms of composition, we worked through and discussed an excellent set of 10 Top Photography Composition Rules – bearing in mind that rules are really only guidelines, and are sometimes there to be broken. The example shown from that site illustrates the well-known “rule of thirds”.

Another useful link discussed was an online calculator  for calculating depth of field and hyperfocal distances for many different cameras.

All in all it was a very informative session.  Thanks to Rod, Murray, Peter and Hugh who are doing an excellent job organising these sessions.

The next meeting on Tuesday 4 October will be a photoshoot session in downtown Waikanae (Mahara Place).  Stay tuned for more details, which will be available soon on the Events Calendar.