Herman doing a demo

We had another excellent turnout of 35 members last Monday night.  The photo shows Herman demonstrating his technique to just some of those present.

Hugh Scott also explained his setup with the aid of a presentation, and I matted a print on the spot (with just a few rough edges).

Speaking of Resolution

In my recent post on digital resolution for our salons, I mentioned the Nikon D800 with a 36 megapixel sensor.  Now that’s been topped by, of all things, a cameraphone.

Check out dpreview’s coverage of the newly announced Nokia 808 with a 41 (FORTY-ONE) megapixel sensor. Where will it end?

Online Submission for the KCPS Summer Salon Now Live

Following the successful test-phase for Online Salon Entry, the system is now going live.

I’ve removed the “captcha” for now – the test to make sure this isn’t just a spam-bot filling out the form. It was causing problems for a couple of people, and we may not need it.  We’ll see how it goes.

And since it’s all a new system, don’t worry if you do manage to mess up things when you do your entry – just try again and leave a comment about what happened.