News from the Darkroom

Here’s the latest newsletter by Michael Martin, from the Monochrome Film Users Group.

This group caters for those interested in capturing images on black and white film of different formats and darkroom techniques for processing and printing.

Meetings are normally held on the third Thursday of the month.

The next meeting is on Thursday 15th August at the home of Bill Harris, at 12 Kohekohe Road, Waikanae at 1930.

Meeting Reviews

July’s meeting was the sixth for this year and topics covered included; developing FP4 plus film in Adonal; the pros and cons of using a quick developer; further thoughts on print development; accurate measuring in the darkroom; and critiquing prints and negatives.

Group Presentation

Tuesday July 16th saw five of our group give a presentation to the Kapiti Camera Club. This involved showing the various film format cameras we use with a commentary and show of some of our work. Feedback from Kapiti Camera Club has been very positive with members been impressed with the different film formats and cameras presented and the quality of the images shown. Our group enjoyed the hospitality of KCC and the opportunity to share what we do.

Thank you to all involved.

Group Outing

This coming weekend will see seven of us on a photographic trip to Castlepoint from Friday to Sunday. The weather forecast promises to be challenging so watch this space in our next newsletter.

New Products

SPUR have announced another new developer, Acurol-N, which they believe when used with Rollei Ortho 25 film (which is a rebadged MACO made film), will redefine sharpness. Read about it at The Online Darkroom at

It is great to see a company like SPUR pushing the boundaries with new products.

Not a new product but an opinion on trying out different films while still available. The article titled “12 Films Worth Shooting With Before They’re Gone” can be found on written by Stan Horaczek.

While we are onto web sites one our members, Des Johnston has a blog with some of his photos and other items. Check out

This Month’s Images

This month’s images were captured on my Nikon 35Ti on 35mm Kodak 400 TX film developed in Agfa Rodinal Special and show members of our intrepid group showing off at the Kapiti Camera Club.

The Presenters. (L to R – Fred Wotton, Michael Martin, Brian Smith, Arthur Wong, Herman Visser).

The Presenters
(L to R – Fred Wotton, Michael Martin, Brian Smith, Arthur Wong, Herman Visser)

Brian with Linhof Technica 4x5

Brian with Linhof Technica 4×5

Fred with Leica 35mm

Fred with Leica 35mm

Herman with Pentax 645

Herman with Pentax 645

Arthur with 8x10

Arthur with 8×10


Food for ThoughT

The production of a perfect picture by means of photography is an art; the production of a technically perfect negative is a science“.
Ferdinand Hurter, [1844 – 1898] Photographic scientist and researcher.

Look, See, Compose, Capture and most of all Enjoy.

Michael Martin.