If you go to our home page at http://kcps.org.nz, in the left-hand sidebar you’ll see a short list of the next events coming up.  There are  some oddities just now about WordPress interaction with Google Calendar, so you may see some duplicates. Sorry. The calendar itself is ok.

That embedded calendar, and another full list of events, is available at https://kcps.org.nz/events/ .

If you want, you can subscribe to the KCPS Google Calendar of events, so any changes automatically update in your own calendar system.  Instructions were posted in August 2011. Check it out here. Please let me know how you get on, and if the instructions need updating.

Nick Ward II

Nick WardSpeaking of upcoming events, we’re delighted to say that Nick Ward will once again be our speaker at the next KCPS meeting on Monday 24 February.  He was very popular and entertaining when he spoke to us almost exactly a year ago.  See the brief report on that meeting.

This time around, his topic will be “Finding a suitable title for your image(s)” and is sure to be just as entertaining and informative. Don’t miss it.

Report on Chris Helliwell Presentation

Unfortunately I had to miss this presentation last week.  Ian Linning reports that there were around 35 members there, and that Chris made these key points about Nature Photography:

  • Patience! – Wait, Wait and then Wait longer
  • Shoot at your subject’s eye level (You’ll be prone 90% of the time)
  • Know your kit well
  • Have an image objective in mind before you go out rather than wait for the image to come along

There were lots of questions and then one-to-one discussions over tea and coffee. Chris had brought along 18 kg of gear (!) and eagerly demonstrated items on a one to one basis.