Overall as individuals KCPS members did exceptionally well.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a club set placing, New Plymouth getting first place for their print set and Wellington winning the digital set. There were no other placing’s given for second and third due to the small number of club sets received.


Gavin Klee received the Stratford cup for champion print from the club sets entered into the interclub print competition. 

20130518-ratana church

Carol Molineux received the Bruce Harding cup for champion nature projected image entered in the central region individual salon.

06 Argyrophenga sp Carol Molineux KCPS 1st

Also 3rd place for nature print, a highly commended and a commended.

2 commended images in Open print

1 commended digital image in People


Alison Viskovic

3rd place Open digital projected images and a highly commended

People 1 commended digital image


Rhonda Billington

Highly commended digital nature


All entries sent were accepted and shown at the convention salon.


It was a very stimulating programme with interesting speakers. Tony Carter spoke of his experiences photographing the people of Ohura and shared insights in to their lives. We had a telephone link to Scott base in Antarctica following Anthony Powell’s pre recorded presentation so we could ask him questions. He was back down there for the summer season as communications officer. He showed us some delightful footage of problems doing time lapse photography from ice melt (the tripod falling over), to Adele penguins being very inquisitive and kicking the camera.

Other highlights were Jeremy Beckers, David Sinclair and Leith Robertson showing us some stunning low light and astrophotography images. Thomas Busby showed us how he processed some of his award winning photographs in Lightroom which was very educational. We were also enlightened on Drone photography and the increasing regulations relating to the use of these. Trevor Pinfold gave two informative workshops on nature photography and showed us images of his trip to photograph Orangatans in Summatra.


The weather was great for our 5.30 am shoot at the Te Rewa Rewa bridge in New Plymouth. Overall it was a really interesting convention.