Hi everyone

Sunday 12 March at 1pm is the deadline to put in your entries for the club’s Summer Salon:
Go to this URL for the entry form:
All digital projection entries must go through the online form. We encourage you also to put JPEGs of your print entries online – then hand the actual prints in at the meeting on Monday 13 March.
Remember that you may add in brackets after any image title, whether digital or print,  one of the set subjects for the Wellington Interclub battle later in the year. They are listed on the entry form. To recognise your making the effort to try out new subjects an extra point will be added to your judging scores for each of those images.
For newer members, please remember that digital images entered must be max 1620 pixels wide and max 1080 pixels high, and in sRGB.
The speaker on Monday evening will be our own member Shona Jaray, on the image assessor training scheme – this should give you all some ideas about how to look at images, and how to talk about them and give feedback.
See you all Monday 🙂