Natex Results

Congratulations to all, and particularly to Susie for her Honours Ribbon.

Susie Whelan APSNZ – Honours Ribbon in Open Print

Neil Gordon APSNZ – 2 Open Prints, 1 Open Projected, 1 Nature Print

Jo Goudsblom – 2 Open Projected

Shona Jaray APSNZ – 2 Open Prints

Carol Molineux – 1 Nature Print, 3 Nature Projected

Alison Viskovic FPSNZ – 1 Open Print

International Salon Results

Congratulations to all, and particularly to Rachel for her FIAP Bronze Medal.

Rachel Stevens – FIAP Bronze Medal in Open Section

Neil Gordon APSNZ – 3 Open, 2 Monochrome, 1 Creative and 1 Nature Section

Alison Viskovic FPSNZ – 1 Creative Section

Don’t forget next club meeting Monday 27th March, Salon results judged by John Boyd.

Upcoming Events

Otaki Kite Festival 25th & 26th March

Just to let you know the Kite Festival is on this weekend, we’ve been the last two years and there are lots of photo opportunities.

More info on our meet up group HERE

Cuba Dupa Festival 25th 8 26th March

I know it’s short notice but the Cuba Dupa festival is on this weekend. Shall we meet 5pm outside the Wellington City Gallery and wander up Cuba Street? Dinner afterwards at the night market?

More info on our meet up group HERE

Astrophotography and Moon photography Workshop 29th April

Mark Gee from The Art of Night will give you all you need to nail your shots, from equipment to camera settings and editing. And Rafael (the bard) from the PhotoPills team will teach you how to use PhotoPills app to plan your photo ideas. So, you’re always at the right place, at the right time, to capture the scene you want, to tell the story you want.

Tickets $60 to book click HERE